Solution-focused, detail orientated, innovative design


Mezzaluna is a creative team driven in the pursuit of growth and learning.

We pride ourselves on :

  • Understanding your needs and finding solutions to your problems
  • Working collaboratively with you to see your vision come to life
  • Happily waiting stage-left, allowing you to take the spotlight

Think of us as the ‘drummer’ to your business band helping you to create high quality activations and events that are delivered on time.

At Mezzaluna, we provide advice and a different creative perspective on functionality and safety while building lasting and reliable relationships in the process.

Think of us as your advisory service and teammate who will bring your vision to life, even when it starts as a rough sketch. Side-by-side we’ll help problem-solve, provide feedback and create value.


What we can do for you :

  • Event activation conception, design and construction
  • Visual merchandising items for retail windows and in-store displays
  • Display cabinet creation
  • Custom-built shelving units
  • Custom-built furniture and displays for home and business

From brand activations to special events and personal projects, we guarantee you’ll walk away inspired by safe and functional furniture and props designed to enhance your theme and goals.

We’re a solution-focused, collaboration-loving, idea-driven creative business, servicing individuals and small to large businesses who need custom-built design or products for hire

Mezzaluna encourages functional and stylish design to beautify the world

We thrive on problem solving and sharing our keen eye for interior design, masterful joinery and abstract art. We value the integrity of our materials and create sentimental pieces to be loved for generations to come, or in the short term whichever it may be.

Mezzaluna can boost your reputation helps you look good to your clients

Want to create your event in half the time and be acknowledged for your vision? We’re your career advancement partners. We live for finding solutions, it’s in our DNA.

We’re all about delivering attractive, custom, safe and functional pieces that wow your audience.

Talk to us today about how we can help bring your event to life. Call True on 0422 969 780 now.